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The Genesis Financing Process Step-by-Step Guide for Buyers

At Genesis of Northampton, we are your partners in navigating this thrilling chapter of your life: the Genesis financing process.

The path to owning a luxury vehicle of ours should be refined and enjoyable. For this reason, we've crafted a step-by-step guide for buyers tailored to ensure a seamless and personalized experience for our Northampton, Massachusetts, drivers.

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1. Setting Your Financing Goals

What style of vehicle are you interested in? What specs are you looking for? What suits your lifestyle best – a new, pre-owned, or certified pre-owned Genesis?

Reflecting on these aspects will help you map out your goals by getting you familiar with what month-to-month financing could look like with your options. Remember, cars need gas, maintenance, and insurance. So, when you're setting your range, make sure to include these factors.

Our digital tools, like the finance application on our website, are your navigational aids in this process, helping you to gauge what fits into your lifestyle.

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2. Get the Ball Rolling

When financing a Genesis, you have two core options: leasing or buying. Leasing allows you to enjoy a new vehicle under temporary ownership with lower monthly payments. On the flip side, if you're interested in the freedom and flexibility of long-term ownership, then buying is your best bet. Which option sounds like it was made for you?

Once you are ready to make your financing dreams a reality, fill out our online financing application. This is like a fast pass in the world of Genesis financing. By providing us with some of your information, we can start to structure your options by reaching out to banks and lenders.

This step gives you a clearer idea of what you can afford and places you in a stronger negotiating position.

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3. Deciding on a Ride

After setting the stage for financing, it's time to dive into the exciting part: exploring your options, which can be done either on-site or online. Our showroom is your playground where you can dive right into our roster with an associate guiding you every step of the way.

Or, you can start your search from home with our online inventory pages. Here, you can sift through our collection, filtering your pool to the specs and trims that catch your eye. It's also a great way to explore realistic financing options for each ride, getting you ahead of step four.

Before making an official decision, we encourage you to test-drive your top contenders. Arrange to see your top choices in person, feel the steering wheel beneath your fingertips, and experience the car in action.

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4. Signing the Papers

Congratulations! You're at the finale of your Genesis financing journey. You hold the pen that writes the next chapter of your automotive story, so let's make this final step simple.

After selecting your perfect Genesis, you will work closely with one of our financing experts and articulate your goals with us, everything you have prepared yourself for. This collaboration allows us to craft a buying or leasing plan that's personal to you.

Before you make it official, take a moment to thoroughly review the agreement. This document is the blueprint of your commitment, outlining the journey you're about to undertake. Ensure all terms accurately reflect your discussions and expectations.

Are you 100% satisfied? Perfect! Now you can set off into the sunset with both a model and plan you love.

Learn More About the Genesis Financing Process

Do you have more questions about our step-by-step guide for buyers? Reach out to our team at Genesis of Northampton for a more personalized look into what financing may entail for you. And when you’re feeling confident, visit us near Northampton, MA!



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